Confession 20.  Thousands of feet above

Long flights can be pain stakingly daunting. No matter how much time you have, the chair is inevitably uncomfortable, there is a swiping boredom that a good book, box office movie or the mini bar can't settle then the anticipation of your destination is the cherry on top of your restlessness.  But I think have... Continue Reading →


Confession 19. Office Etiquette

I sat there adorally each day as he ran through the day's briefing. Fiddling with my pen, with my concentration weaving in and out of his words. I couldn't help but to think if he is looking at me more than my colleagues for any particular reason. Did he notice my new top, or that... Continue Reading →

Confession 18. Learn to love

There are some things that acquires patience to be able to appreciate. With this patience it grows on you over time and like that biter dry red wine, it becomes something you're infatuated with. Your find yourself dabbling in it more and more then those intital reactions that once made you hesitate now is the... Continue Reading →

Confession 17. Wishes do come true

How many birthday cake candles, coins in the fountain, and wish bone wishes never got granted? Well I may be a genie cause share your wish with me and you could see it come true. My man revealed to me one of his fantasies a couple of months ago. His words provoking passionate sex between... Continue Reading →

Confession 16. Dirty Thinking

I sit on my bed with nothing on and procrastinating to go shower when my thoughts paralyze any notion of scrubbing myself down and getting clean. I have a body that is dirty from the day but a mind that is dirtier. I know that I can't step out of the shower feeling refreshed without... Continue Reading →

Confession 15. What a relief

We are racing to catch to the train because we lingered a bit too long in bed and soaking up every last minute to avoid packing our bags. Our procrastination lead to us to swiftly head at the door and quickly scan the map to give an idea in which direction to take. The day... Continue Reading →

Confession 14. Something to play with

Do you have something up your sleeve keeping it tucked away, a hidden plan or a looming mystery that surprises the mind? This makes me wonder, what other tricks are you hiding? I catch myself thinking, what could be in that drawer, box or closest. Many times it has consumed me by pondering of all... Continue Reading →

Confession 13. On the road

Driving for miles on the long stretched highway has our patience wearing thin by the thought of our destination approaching. As we pass each road sign, my restlessness grows and I am anxious to get me hands off the wheel and onto my man. My eyes dart from the road to the passenger seat, and... Continue Reading →

Confession 12. Common or not?

I'm not sure what's the average age of someone's first orgasm but I have a sneaky suspicion that mine was earlier than some. Yet it is quite common for kids to have a curiosity and a sense of adventure as we all know. I have already confessed how my first kiss was with my childhood... Continue Reading →

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