Confession 5. Deep

Running my tongue along his big cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth while each time I’m sucking it with more effort. It was a clear thought that kept pulsing in my dirty mind, the whole time my lips surrounding the tip of his dick. Motioning it further to the back of my throat till I couldn’t focus any longer. I gave his growing cock a final long loving suck before twirling my tongue around it coming back up and the words spilled out of me. “I wonder how deep I can go” I coyly looked at him, eagerly waiting for his response. His eyes gleamed with excitement and he supportingly pushed my head closer to his cock that now is as hard as a rock. At first, it didn’t come naturally and learned the trick of how to open up my throat. It was the third attempt and I can still remember the feeling of it going past my tongue and over into my throat. I gag just making me clench tighter around his cock, tears rolling down my cheeks. I pushed away gasping for air. Now I am obsessed with how deep I can go.



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