Confession 4. Me & Pornograghy

I watch porn. I love porn. Starting my day with porn or finishing my night with porn. Hell even an afternoon delight of porn. Mind blowing, sensational porn. It gives me a peace of mind scrolling through the swamp of explicit videos from bondage to the sweet and sensual. Having my toy stoking my clit and teasing my pussy till I find the satisfying gem that sparks my interest. What do I like to watch you ask? I’m giggling by the idea of it. Lesbians, couples, threesomes, group sex, gang bangs, big cocks, s&m. Put anything on and my eyes will be glued to it. As I watch, I sense my pussy getting wetter and the sweet jitters are about to start. I close my eyes listening and embracing every sound from a cock pounding a pussy to the licking of a clit to the groans of one cum load after another. With it all, I scream along side shaking in escatsy!



One thought on “Confession 4. Me & Pornograghy

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  1. I recognize that behaviour. I also consume some form of porn and nudity almost everyday. Pics, movies, snapchat, and loves to play with myself..


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