Confession 6. One things leads to another

I giggle to myself, thinking how I got to this! How I am revealing my wild desires, exposing ever inch of my body, and sharing my sweet memories. As I look back, I can remember the exact day that one fantasy changed course into reality  yet it was more of a courageous development of thrill.

To paint you a picture, my man and I have a long distance relationship. To keep the passion between us from fizzing out, we exchange words detailing the nasty things we like to do to one and other, pictures showcasing our love and devotional R-rated videos. As it progressed, I got damn good at keeping him intrigued. But it wasn’t just for him, I got an abundance of pleasure every time I clicked “send”. Confidently, I became more adventurous with my photos by using different angles, clothing or little of and including some playful toys. It gotten to a point, where I would tease myself all day, be completely absorbed by my thoughts to race home and do a photoshoot knowing it all will finish with me orgasming.

My man and I would joke that I should be a cam girl. We both entertained the idea with wishful thinking. Then one night in the mist of our foreplay, he challenged me to post the nude from earlier to the guys I have on my snapchat. Now how could I back down from this dare! Instantly, adrenaline pumped throughout my body and eagerly picked the seductive photo. Right before I sent it to the selection of my snapchat friends, my anxiety kicked in. These are people I know but before I could think much further it was done. We both were high off the idea that there were people being turned on and aroused by me. That one dare turned into a weekly routine than morphed to this, a collection of confessions from your sweet girl next door.



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