Confession 7. Comes and goes

Now that Valentine’s Day has came and gone, I couldn’t help myself but to indulge in one of my favourite fantasies.

It would all start at the crack of dawn, with a sweet wake up call of the sun getting brighter on my face but also feeling my man inching closer to me. He would whisper in my ear that I am his for the rest of the day. Than he would slide his hard cock into me without giving me any notice. Instantly, we fall into this rhythm that has me moaning and I am resisting to finish cause it feels far too good!

My man suddenly pulls out in the mist of my orgasm and takes both my hands. He gives me a passionate kiss before pinning my arms to the corners of the bed, reaching over and he ties them to the bed post. I am aroused and fascinated, in a complete trance he licks my legs. My feet are now roped down. I am spread fully out with head down and my ass in the air. My man slaps my ass and blind folds me while telling me I’ll be there for a while.

As I lay there stranded, I hear foot steps approaching and a firm hand grabs me. My man props me up and I am at his mercy. He gives me a sweet shove onto his throbbing cock. He fucks me and shoots his load onto to my back than once again I am alone.

This happens throughout the whole day, as he comes in my wet pussy and goes out of the bedroom. As the sun sets, I am covered in my man’s cum and we both are exhaustingly satisfied.



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