Confession 8. Catch me if you can 

The thrill, the anticipation, the high! It thrills me more than anything thinking I might been seen. I have no urge to close the curtains but intentionally leave them open. The anticipation knowing someone, anyone could catch a glimpse of me sucking cock or having my man on top of me giving me all he has just adds to my arousal. I get a high when I am in public and the naughty thoughts that storm my mind of where and what I like to be doing in the moment.

The ultimate tease for me is having my man out with me with a semi hard on and I have to patiently wait to get my hands on his cock.  I get completely turned on by having sex in places that I shouldn’t. Maybe it is a fetish of mine because when I do a tally majority of my fantasies and favourite experiences are in scenarios where I can be caught. On the plane, riding the train, driving in the car, on a boat,in a forest, in a park, at the mall, in the office, at a party.

I want you to catch me if you can.



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