Confession 9. Caution:Slippery when wet

Seeing the temperature climb and the days getting longer, got me itching to kick the winter blues and welcome the summer heat. Which brings me back to last year in Spain 🇪🇸

Maybe it was the mix of the sun, nude beaches, and all those fruity drinks but my sex drive was in overdrive. I was in complete bliss in my bikini, splashing and having fun in the water. That is because day in and day out, one, two, three times a day, my brain was swimming in oxytocin. That love hormone and Spain had me on another level.

My mind races to the hot memory of my man, pounding me. I am embracing his full weight as he reaches deeper inside of me,lifting  my legs, grabbing my tits, holding my neck. I was in complete amazement of his rigorous pace, I can feel his temperature rising, and spot sweat collecting on his brow. Than I find myself in my glory, seeing his sweat dip off his sculpted body landing onto my glowing skin. I open my mouth to let it fall onto my tongue. As things get hotter, my man has to hold me close to keep his cock inside of my sweet slippery pussy.

By now, we both are drenched. The bed is soaking of my cum and his sweat. I notice the pace had changed and my man is ready to give me his load. I sweetly ask him to “cum in my ass”, no questions asked he tosses me over. My man runs his cock cautiously along my ass before he pumps and moans in ecstasy as he orgasms.



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