Confession 10. Am I really as sweet as honey? 

Would you be able to notice that there is more than meets the eye? Can you tell in the charm of my smile that suggests a devilish side?How about my big brown eyes looking up at you that sparks curiosity? Even my gentle, tender touch that sends shocks of electricity?

Well I can fool some but not all. In particular this certain man. I worked at a care home taking care of the elderly for years, flying under everyone’s radar not having a slightest clue there is more than a naive young girl in front of them. I took his mother under my wing when she arrived, and quickly noticed that it wasn’t very necessary cause her son was there, every morning, every afternoon and evening. Yet I couldn’t help myself, I was drawn to the two of them.

Of course, like most of the things I do start off innocently and with the best of intentions. Months has passed and my visits wasn’t primarily for his mother but I had a crush. He on the other hand, had a suspicion that I may not be as innocent as I seem to be.

Than one fateful night, we got more than expected. I end back at his home, we are sitting on his couch. Talking the nonsense we talked, inside I’m distracted thinking if that stroke on my leg just above my knee was as harmless as he played it off to be. I soon learned it wasn’t. We are kissing, tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths. Hands grabbing and shredding away pieces of clothing. He inches down to my pussy, discovering how excited I was, he gives me a lick finding out how sweet I truly am. To me it was a whirlwind, I couldn’t comprehend how this all is happening. He glides his cock inside of me, holding onto my hips as he sees my breasts bounce with every thrust. Than it all catches up to me, he is over 30 years older than my 24 year old self.

When it is all done, we lay there partly stunned but also both fully aware it won’t be the last time he finds out how sweet I really am.



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