Confession 11. Carried away

The night got the best of us, a drink at dinner went to a bottle or two back at the hotel then I find myself trying to catch the eye of the bartender to order a couple of beers at the pub next door. We got a little carried away but it all caught up to us.

My man in particular had the hangover blues and I can’t bare seeing him in such a state. We need a distraction I thought.

I slip under the covers, run my fingers down his stomach as I keep my eyes on the prize. It didn’t take long for my lips to lock around his cock, giving him every reason to feel better. I slide my tongue from the tip of his cock to his balls. I give them a soft kiss, following that with a forceful lick, placing them into my mouth while I am stroking his cock. My man had his hand on my head and presses my head, burying my face into him. The covers have been removed and I look up at him as I go again sucking, knowing that he is now distracted by the pleasure of having my mouth full of his cock.

Once again, I creep closer to his balls, my man takes control of his dick, hypnotized by every sensation. I sweetly toy with his ass, working it with my tongue. I lose my focus when he sits up and splits on his dick. I stare with admiration and open my mouth, he kneels over me and I watch his split make it’s way landing into my mouth. I perk up and engulf his cock, as eager as ever. I’m driving it to the back of my mouth and allowing it to run down my throat. He changes the rate of my sucking and starts to fuck my mouth. Every push he makes, it is going further into my throat. I am gripping onto the bed sheets, as I can feel my stomach turn. Yet I don’t want it to stop, I am determined to get my man feeling as good as ever. Than it comes, all the water I chugged when I woke up. It’s covering his cock, I don’t say a word but slurp every drop and continue sucking on my man till I taste his cum. The morning got the best of us and got a little carried away.



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