Confession 12. Common or not?

I’m not sure what’s the average age of someone’s first orgasm but I have a sneaky suspicion that mine was earlier than some. Yet it is quite common for kids to have a curiosity and a sense of adventure as we all know.

I have already confessed how my first kiss was with my childhood best friend but I left out the rest of the story. We ventured a little further than that initial kiss behind her grandma’s house. It was natural for us to become friends because during the summer months, we only lived a few houses down from one and another. The two of us would play consistently and we discovered a new favourite game.

We would sneak off to the back room, drop our shorts and slip off our panties. Just by the sheer thought of knowing what will be happening, we both soaked our underwear from walking down the hall. I would sit on the bed and lay back with my legs dangling off, barely touching the floor. My best friend positions herself between my legs and inches her face closer to my pussy. I have my eyes closed as she gives it a lick. My body is tingling all over, I fall into a trance as she licks faster. I bite my lip to remind myself to be quiet since we are not home alone.  She can feel me coming close to orgasming as she grabs my legs to stop them from shaking. Sucking on my clit, sends me over the top.  I sit up with a smile on my face, she wipes her mouth than we hear voices calling us. We rush to pull up our fallen clothes and giggle to one and another as we walk back down the hall for lunch.

At this time as a young girl, 11 years old, I didn’t know the word orgasm but I sure knew what it felt like. Now if this is common or not?



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