Confession 13. On the road

Driving for miles on the long stretched highway has our patience wearing thin by the thought of our destination approaching. As we pass each road sign, my restlessness grows and I am anxious to get me hands off the wheel and onto my man. My eyes dart from the road to the passenger seat, and my thoughts weave from where I am going to what I would like to be doing. Forcing myself to focus, I brush my hand from my shoulder down my chest before I adjust my seat belt. I bite my lip to remind myself that we are nearly there.

About 100 km till our journey ends yet neither of us can bare another second. My man squirms in his seat and I sense how unsettled he is. Not only has he been in the car for four hours but didn’t get the opportunity to release his load before we climbed into the car. In the corner of my eye, I see his hands travelling down his pants and he follows that by reaching over, grabbing my breast. He dives into my shirt, playing with my hard nipples. My heart is racing at the same time the car is slowing down. He has me distracted, and testing my will power to remain on the road. Each of my senses are pulled in every direction and my man demands me to continue driving. This just makes me crave him more and struggle with small glances of him having his hard cock in his hands. For every car that cruises by, unaware of our unorthodox activity, steams up the windows more. My man stroking his big cock beside me as I can’t do anything but drive. He has his other hand squeezing my breasts and rubbing my thighs.

He mutters to me that he is going to cum, my hands gravitates to his dick. In my mind, I am thinking “I’m not going to allow his cum to be wasted.” I catch every bit of his explosive load in my hand, and instantly start to lick it off my fingers. This sends ease throughout my body and as I follow the road around the bend, being fully content. Than we are blissfully greeted by the scenic view of the mountains. 



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