Confession 14. Something to play with

Do you have something up your sleeve keeping it tucked away, a hidden plan or a looming mystery that surprises the mind? This makes me wonder, what other tricks are you hiding?

I catch myself thinking, what could be in that drawer, box or closest. Many times it has consumed me by pondering of all the possibilities that could be invisible to my eye. It leaves me enticed like a magician does after he pulls countless items out of his magical top hat.

I have no gimmicks but I do have secret toys that come out to play from time to time. My collection has grown and included suggestive dice to a dildo. It all started with a back massager, I don’t know when it appeared in our home but once I found out what it can do it become my possession. Big and bulky with two vibrating balls at the end that I smuggled under my bed and brought it out late at night when I felt confident that my family couldn’t hear the trembling noise. When I was of age to enter the sex shops, I didn’t wait long to go explore what was concealed behind the tinted windows after all those years of trying to sneak a peek. It was like I was in a candy shop and fascinated by what it all had in store. Intimated and overwhelmed, I walked away with a small black bag with a cock ring and oils.

Now with my pocket size vibrator travelling where ever I go, little do people know what I stashed away in my bag. Than if I really want to have you stunned, there is always my magic trick with my nine inch toy that I like to play with filling me up in every hole I have.




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