Confession 15. What a relief

We are racing to catch to the train because we lingered a bit too long in bed and soaking up every last minute to avoid packing our bags. Our procrastination lead to us to swiftly head at the door and quickly scan the map to give an idea in which direction to take. The day is a little grey with the sun being no where to be seen and drops of rain was starting to fall but what gave us more pep in our step was that we had 20 minutes before the train departs. I felt confident in which way to go and my man is trusting me with navigating to the station in a city we both have never been. But once I stepped outside, I found myself scanning the roads up and down and feeling a little lost. I have my eyes peeled to any hints that may indicate that we are on the right track and my man is realizing my doubtfulness. I am now cursing that we took our sweet time and decided to take the last train in the day heading in our direction. Carrying our back packs and our heads tucked down, we stumbled onto one of the main roads. I get a gleamer of hope when I spot a bus stop and figured that maybe it will give me a clue if the station is close by. Luckily, it had a poster mentioning the remainder of the stops ahead and the train station was among them. With a stomp of reconfirmation that we could be able to make it there in time, we follow the road. Few meters ahead, there is a sign pointing to the nearby station and we pick up the pace.

We giggle when we arrive cause we had 2 minutes to spare, yet we still needed to get the tickets to the train. Looking around the corner, both ticket booths have lines and figured the shorter one would be the best bet. We are now next in line and see that the longer line was moving faster. The stress hits us when we hear the train conductor blowing his whistle telling all passengers to get on board. In panic, I run over to the nearest doors to the train and my man is jittering while he watches our tickets getting printed. He grabs them and dashes to the train. As soon as he steps on, the doors close behind him. We hug in relief and could feel each other take a long exhale. Then we get a chance to look around to see that there are no seats in that section. Scanning the busy train and I see that there is an area in the next railcar that is not being occupied. My man is questionable about it and thinks it is first class. I figured I go ahead to investigate. It turns out to be unlocked so I settle in and invite my man over to join.

Finally, all that anxiety of jeopardizing our tight schedule was no longer a factor but yet I was not at ease. I turn to my man with a mischievous smile and start to rub his thigh. My fingers follow the seam of his jeans while he gives me a sweet kiss. He breaks away but I pull him in closer again to give him an impression that I want more. My hands are building the pressure on his crotch and I can feel the pressure building in his pants. I ask him if he has ever had a blowjob on a train before. He chuckles as he says no, my man knows exactly my intention by asking that question. He unbuttons his jeans and shifts to break free his cock to allow me to get my hands on it. He pulls down the binds and looks ahead to see if anyone could be coming our way.  I bend over to taste his cock in my mouth and adjust myself in my seat beside him to get more of him into my mouth. The train stops to allow more passengers on but I do not. My man is dividing his attention on not getting caught and loving each stroke I do with my tongue. He has his one hand on my head getting a greater feel of each movement I make and his other hand on the table trying to seem as relaxed as possible. I am able to blow away all my nerves that rushed over me from the frenzy of catching the train that I am now sucking a cock on. My man releases his uneasiness into my mouth  and I shallow it back allowing the opportunity to fully relax. I rise back up in my seat and feel an overwhelming comfort of calmness.

Then my man notices that the opening between our seats align up perfectly to let a passenger in the next railcar to watch the series of events, making eye contact with her.


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