Confession 16. Dirty Thinking

I sit on my bed with nothing on and procrastinating to go shower when my thoughts paralyze any notion of scrubbing myself down and getting clean. I have a body that is dirty from the day but a mind that is dirtier. I know that I can’t step out of the shower feeling refreshed without taking care of every aspect.

I lay down on my back, stroking my hair over my breast when I circle my hand over to grab my nipple playing with the tip of it, awaking the nerves. I playfully lick my lips as I envision my sex fantasy and craving that sinful desire of adultery. I bring my finger to my mouth sucking on it than letting my sylvia stimulate my skin as I trail my finger down my stomach over my bellybutton. I reach further and toy with my pussy, finding my sweet clit between the hair. My eyes close and my pussy is getting wet with every flick of my fingers. As I dig deeper, I start to play the scenario in my mind.

The space is dimly lit and my other senses enhance. I smell a musky cologne that reminds me of the gentleman at the bar mixed with enduring scent of my man. I look around among all the unfamiliarities of the room till I see a couple in the corner with the woman on her knees and the man is slightly shifted giving me a view of what is happening. His hands are wrapped up in her hair and his body swings pushing her mouth further on his cock. Her face is in distress as she is trying to catch her breath. I curiously watch then my eyes narrow in on the recognizable tattoo and a rush of jealousy swipes over me. The woman sees that I am staring and gives me a cheeky smile before she stands up, bending over letting the big cock slide into her ass.

But before I can take action, I am stopped by a man kissing along my thigh. He gives my pussy a sweet lick and burying his face to suck on my clit. I am guiltily becoming turned on by having another man between my legs, giving me pleasure by every move he makes with his tongue. Yet I don’t break my focus on the pair across the room, and stumble on the idea of ending the exchange. Then the silhouette that I am accustomed too, pivots to fully disclose his face and my man is staring back at me. I am a bystander as my man fucks another woman, making me want him more. He watches while I squirm in ecstasy and he pumps harder as we gaze into each other’s eyes. The man from the bar has my clit in his mouth, he flutters his tongue back and forth. This teases me and I find that I am getting more enjoyment from it as my hips move in rhythm with him. I can feel myself get wetter as he sucks harder. Biting on my pussy, he slips two fingers inside and I let out a moan. I concentrate on my man fucking the woman in her ass and adorally glare as he shoots his anticipated load inside of her. Seeing this fires shocks throughout my body and I am finishing with the man pulsing his fingers inside of me while sucking my clit.

I open my eyes and I am back in my room, trembling by the speed of my fingers and the image playing it my head. As I orgasm, my dirty mind is being purified by any naughty thought. Once I am done, I perk up with satisfaction and joyfully head towards the shower to cleanse the rest of my dirty self.




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