Confession 17. Wishes do come true

How many birthday cake candles, coins in the fountain, and wish bone wishes never got granted? Well I may be a genie cause share your wish with me and you could see it come true.

My man revealed to me one of his fantasies a couple of months ago. His words provoking passionate sex between us as we utter the storyline of how he would watch his friend fuck me with his horse size cock. After we shared this intimate dream, business went about as usual, with not much more thought on this sexual wish.

Fast forward to the last week, it was the first time I got a chance to formally meet my man’s best friend and he invites us to a house warming party. A couple hours later,  before we head out, my man and I cheers to a great night together while we debate if my top is too low cut because my breasts are spilling out of the deep scoop neckline. When we arrive it became apparent that I will be the only girl. I am relieved that I change my top to a slightly less revealing display of my breasts because every pair of eyes where already on me. The night went along and a couple more drinks went down. We finish off the night with heading back to my man’s best friend’s place to grab our things and when my man gets distracted. He asks his friend if he got lucky with the girl that visited him before we came over. As he shyly shakes his head no, my man nudges him outside. I sit on the couch curiously wondering what is being said as I dolefully glare at the bottle of vodka on the table.

They step back inside and my head whips around to my man. I see that mischievous smile that I know so well and he heads over to the bed undoing his buttons on his pants, that is when I get the slightest clue. I shuffle my way closer to my man and he sweetly hints to me what was discussed. As I kneel, I pull his underwear down with me. Gliding them off his legs and I quickly head back up to find a hard cock in my face. I begin to lick the tip and giving it a light sucking when in the corner of my eye I spot his friend approaching. His shy demeanour vanished as he joins my man on the bed. They both now have their cocks out and looking at me with delight. In a flash, I remember my man’s fantasy and how much pleasure we got from those tantalizingly words. But I never been alone with two big cocks before and I look at my man as he reassuringly nods in the direction of his friend. I bring myself to rest in the middle of them, my man to my left and his friend to my right. Grabbing a hold and stroking both of their dicks, I go and engulf my man coming up with a tender suck. I turn my head to the right and lick my man’s best friend’s long cock from his balls to the very tip. Not taking my tongue off of it, I open my mouth further to wrap my lips around. Staying fully aware, I can feel my man’s cock swell in my left hand and I grasp it tighter, twisting my hand as I continue to stroke. I come up and before I switch back over I tap my new incounter against my tongue, revealing my cheeky smile.

Missing the taste of my man, I don’t waste any time and with eagerness suck on his dick, covering every inch with my lips. I hold it to the back of my throat and on cue my man places his hand on my head keeping me longer. Then I feel a touch on my shoulder and fingers crawling along my chest, reminding me of the person to my right. I lean forward allowing my man’s best friend get his hand full of my breast with my hard nipple pressing against his palm. I’m still sucking on my man, and pausing for moments to nibble on the tip as I flick my tongue on it. I glance up at my man with enduring eyes and no words between us, I gracefully take off my shirt and unhinge my bra letting my breasts fall. I bend over my man’s friend and making my way back to him. I lightly skim my nipple on his cock, and don’t stop myself till I reach his balls. I get both of them in my mouth and repeatly suck on them. My hand finds my man’s cock and I stop him from jerking off and take over. I surface from my man’s friend’s balls to make eye contact with my beloved and in one swift movement, I have his friends throbbing cock down my throat. My man’s cock proudly gets bigger and I can’t remember the last time I have seen him this hard. This gets me wetter and I am wishing to have his thick dick once again. I position myself to my man and wanting to have my attention on him. So with both of my hands on his powerful thighs, I put my ass into the air and my face back down to his cock.

With a small exchange between my man and his best friend, those same hands grabbing my breasts earlier are now on my hips. Than I find myself granting my man’s wish by letting him watch while his best friend fucks me.


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