Confession 18. Learn to love

There are some things that acquires patience to be able to appreciate. With this patience it grows on you over time and like that biter dry red wine, it becomes something you’re infatuated with. Your find yourself dabbling in it more and more then those intital reactions that once made you hesitate now is the delightful pleasures you seek. 

A few things that I had to learn to love was biting into a sour green apple, the pungent smell of patchouli, and my most satisfying defeat of having a cock enter my ass.  My first time was dreadful and poorly executed. It was a spur of the moment and little thought went into how to properly do it to let both parties experience it with thrill. We wrongly didn’t have any lube and solely relied on my juices to ease the cock inching into my ass. There was no preparation of sliding one or two fingers to gauge how tight I was before the strong force tore me open. Tears running down my cheeks and I am appealed of the idea of it. My second trail was no better and I was starting to question if anal is for me at all. Holding it off and those daunting experiences looming over me, I wasn’t keen to venture down that ally again. But a particular conversation that snowballed into one topic then the other, I was given some uplighting advice and once again grativiting to experiment. By this time around, I have learned that I have a tight ass and that slow will go the distance. First was to play with my ass. One night where I was alone, holding a sense of curiosity, I twisted my body for my arm to reach around letting my fingers explore down my ass and into my hole. Getting comfortable with experimenting my own peachy bum, I soon loved the stimulation of another finger in my ass as I was being fucked. It become my favourite as displayed by my heighten moaning that when I am on my all fours and getting railed by my man, him wetting his finger then sticking in my ass would make me tremble. 

It become apparent if I was willing to drive further into this exploration that I will need the aid of lube. The squirting and the lattering helped tremendously and got my man’s big cock a quarter way before I begin to wrench. Taking full breaths, I muster up the tolerance to allow my man to slide deeper into my ass. Biting my lip and with my eyes closed, I feel my asshole stretch more than it has ever been. I gave my man the clear and he starts to thrust and with every thrust it maneuvers more into my ass till he is balls deep. He whispers in my ear and the words falling off his tongue that he never had something so tight around his cock. With this discomfort of getting fucked in the ass also comes pleasure. Now confessing to it I am left fully aroused and love what I learned. 


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  1. My husband and I have yet to try this. I am absolutely afraid of the pain and yet there is a curiosity that keeps me wanting to try it. I do like when my hubs touches me there but he hasn’t been bold enough to venture any further. I might have to just tell him to guide his finger inside. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. I know what you mean and I though that would be good for me as well but found that it only worked for a little bit till it was absorbed. So for other things I use aquaglide! You don’t need much and it’s non sticky, unscented. I have had no problems, even my man when we are away from every other likes to use it to stimulate that I’m there with him 😉 thank you for commenting and happy to help


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