Confession 19. Office Etiquette

I sat there adorally each day as he ran through the day’s briefing. Fiddling with my pen, with my concentration weaving in and out of his words. I couldn’t help but to think if he is looking at me more than my colleagues for any particular reason. Did he notice my new top, or that I did my hair differently, or that the skirt I am wearing bares more leg than is considered appropriate for work? It perplexed my young 19 year old mind, why our private conversations started off professional but it would grativate to personal matters? Was there ever an accident where in his mind, he took me further than his assistant? Does he also feel the sexual tension between us or am I being hopeful?  

I foolishly forgot my lunch one day, my boyfriend generously was able to bring me something to last me. I was giddy all morning, knowing that I’ll be getting a special visit coming that afternoon. I was enthusiastic to give him a tour and proudly show off my office I shared which was adjacent to my boss’s. Yet, once we step into the space all I had on my mind was the imagines that I fabricated that did not involve my boyfriend. My impulses felt like they could not be obtained no longer. I nudged the door closed, knowing the risk of not locking it. 

There has been far too many times that I envisioned being bent over my desk, neglecting my work to feel the rush of my boss’s cock entering me. That in the moment when my boyfriend asked which desk was mine, I skipped to my familiar spot. I sweetly brought him along keeping him close, so when I turned around and bent over my ass was pressing against his crotch. I shimmied my skirt up to my hips, exposing my tiny thong. I hear the undoing of his belt in the office that I am used to hearing several noises at once. As my boyfriend makes his first thrust inside me, I fall into a trance thinking it was my boss. One hand pressing on my mid back, lowering  me further. My arms spread and embracing myself, clutching on the edges of my desktop with papers crippling under my fingers. I let out a moan catching my words before my boss’s name roll of my tongue. To prevent my secret from slipping out, I cleverly played into another fabrication of mine. 

There in the middle of the room, I am on my knees, in plain sight if the door swings open. Both my hands gently on his upper thighs, as I open my mouth to take in more of his dick, tasting the sweet remains of my pussy. In my mind my boss would be lounging back in his glory seeing my lips around his cock with temptation to cum. But as I look up, I see my boyfriend split between enjoyment of my actions and horrified as the clock above the door ticks closer to the end of my lunch break. 

I know we have only minutes before my colleagues start to trickle in. My boyfriend quickly cums into my mouth and in one shallow I take it. We gathered ourselves up and briskly head towards the door and down the hall. As we turn the corner , we run into my boss and when I do the introduction, I find myself wishing he finished his lunch a bit sooner so that maybe he would see me more than his assistant. 


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