Confession 20.  Thousands of feet above

Long flights can be pain stakingly daunting. No matter how much time you have, the chair is inevitably uncomfortable, there is a swiping boredom that a good book, box office movie or the mini bar can’t settle then the anticipation of your destination is the cherry on top of your restlessness.  But I think have cracked the conundrum during a recent flight of mine, or aleast another way of being preoccupied. 

6 hours… till the plane touches land  in Iceland for our connecting flights bringing us back home. Traveling over multiple time zones and the fact that once we depart the air craft, I am also saying goodbye to my man for a couple of months has left me incapable of sleeping and in a state of temptation. Checking into our flights, I wanted to seize every last moment with him regardless if it would be up in the air. So I strategically picked our seats much closer to the back for multiple reasons. One, it was a space where we had it to ourselves with no one in the seats front or behind. Two, we would be the final few exiting which gave me the slightest advantage of being closer to him longer and three, we are not too far from the restrooms meaning the easier it may be to join the mile high club. 

We did our best to cuddle in the three chairs we have while the crew dimmed the lights to cue the passengers to relax and try to rest during the night time flight. But it became impossible to hold each other with the jabbing of a seltbelt, narrow seats and little foot room that we instead settled with leaning against one and another, holding hands and blankets spanned across our laps. Yet this did not comfort me but escalated my desperation. 

My man must of been sensing my energy of dissatisfaction because out of the blue he nudges me and whispers that he is horny. These words triggered a thought of one of the reasons why I picked this spot on the plane and I turn my head to see how much privacy we have around us. Other passengers weaseled in the free seats and the crew members congregated to the back hovering over the restroom. It became apparent that sneaking in some alone time, won’t be as easy as I first figured. Something I did notice, as I scanned the plane was the majority of those around us are sleeping and the flight attendants had little regard of what we were up too. 

With the blankets keeping our modesty, I let go of my man’s hand and grab ahold of him else where. Trying to get him more arouseled while not bringing attention to ourselves what’s becoming difficult with the every jerk of my hand the blanket would ripple. Yet he is getting harder and harder, and I am getting wetter and wetter by thinking of him cumming when we are thousands of feet above. I use our second banket to drape over my chest and guide my man’s hand to my breast. Feeling my hard nipple, he starts to play. Squeezing and pinching. I find my other hand travel into my jeans. Just then, a flight attendant walked by and made eye contact with us, we froze. 

My man got nervous, but I can’t help myself. To me this is my only solution to dealing with this dreadful flight. Once we have no spectators again, I continue to touch myself. Letting my fingers get wet from my pussy than using them to simulate my clit. I get more vigorous as my man encourages me along. I try to control my shaking and thoughts but as I think how forbidden this is and the likelihood that I could get caught just adds to my fire. The trembling is starting as I am on a break of orgasming and my pelvis is shifting back and forth grinding against my seat and fingers. We look across the isle and we can’t distinguish if the man to our left is stirring in his sleep or waking up from my commotion. Then my man softly tells me that I am his little slut and demands me to cum with all these people around not having the slightest clue. Knowing that I love dirty talk, he continues and than my surroundings were not apparent to me as in the palm of my hand and fingers were covered in my cum. 

I left out a long exhale that snapped me back to where I was and began to smile that spread across my face cause in that moment it was the first time I was relaxed the entire flight.


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