Confession 11. Carried away

The night got the best of us, a drink at dinner went to a bottle or two back at the hotel then I find myself trying to catch the eye of the bartender to order a couple of beers at the pub next door. We got a little carried away but it all caught up... Continue Reading →


Confession 8. Catch me if you can 

The thrill, the anticipation, the high! It thrills me more than anything thinking I might been seen. I have no urge to close the curtains but intentionally leave them open. The anticipation knowing someone, anyone could catch a glimpse of me sucking cock or having my man on top of me giving me all he... Continue Reading →

Confession 7. Comes and goes

Now that Valentine's Day has came and gone, I couldn't help myself but to indulge in one of my favourite fantasies. It would all start at the crack of dawn, with a sweet wake up call of the sun getting brighter on my face but also feeling my man inching closer to me. He would... Continue Reading →

Confession 5. Deep

Running my tongue along his big cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth while each time I'm sucking it with more effort. It was a clear thought that kept pulsing in my dirty mind, the whole time my lips surrounding the tip of his dick. Motioning it further to the back of my... Continue Reading →

Confession 4. Me & Pornograghy

I watch porn. I love porn. Starting my day with porn or finishing my night with porn. Hell even an afternoon delight of porn. Mind blowing, sensational porn. It gives me a peace of mind scrolling through the swamp of explicit videos from bondage to the sweet and sensual. Having my toy stoking my clit... Continue Reading →

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